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The Group seeks forensic odontologists and oral health professionals with forensic background to promote forensic odontology and forensic science principles to casework with the purpose of preventing Human Rights violations through the application of best practice

Human Identification

Some of our group are experts in Human Identification by Dental means. They have been involved in mass disasters around the globe including the Tsunamis of Southeast Asia and Japan, Hurricaine Katrina, airplane crashes, Terrorist attacks including 9/11, Belgium, France, Indonesia and UK.
Moreover, our members are involved in identifying single cases on daily bases and developing new technologies for identification.       

Dental Age Estimation

We have among our number world-renowned Dental Age Estimation Experts who have developed new methods and technologies for age estimation that are widely recognized and used worldwide. Most of our members are experienced in this field. Many are involved in undertaking age estimation and some are involved in disputed cases in both the living, including cases of unaccompanied minors, and the dead, including neonatal n for fetus/newborn age assessment.

Bite Mark Analysis

Bite mark analysis and comparison can be an important aspect of investigations having in mind that it should not be in isolation of DNA matching, but it can contribute to justice when at least 2-3 suspects are involved. Some of our experts have developed new methods, techniques and protocols for best practice in bite mark investigation built on evidence-based foundations and extensive court experience.

Forensic Odontology training

Torture and Abuse

Helping with collecting evidence of Abuse and torture, child abuse and neglect are at the core of Human Rights preservation. Our exprerts are equiped with knowledge and training to perform this task for individuals, agencies or courts around the world.

DVI training

Our experts have international experience in organising and conducting Forensic Odontology training in many languages. From one day workshops to masters programs, our experts are leaders in Forensic Odontology training on an academic and global level.
Our experts are world leaders in Disaster Victim Identification training, and many have extensive experience in organizing and conducting training on a small scale for conferences, meetings and organizations, and on a larger scale for governments. Some among us have experience in establishing DVI Teams in their home countries, and are willing to advise and help in initiating and setting up DVI teams in other countries.

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